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How IHG is managing their brand standards more effectively with IconSystem

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Brand consistency is key in the design of multiple room and multiple property organisations. Collaborating updates for information can be time consuming and costly.

So watch our free 20-min webinar and see how IHG is managing their brand standards more effectively.

John Page from IHG will explain how using IconSystem software has enabled every hotel in the group to be designed and built to the same high standards – even though multiple construction and refurbishment projects are being managed at any point in time.

What will I gain from watching the recording?

  1. How IHG managed their brand standards, and the issues and challenges faced before using IconSystem.
  2. The benefits of a single source of the truth and how to align your data and teams ready for digital systems.
  3. The overview of IconSystem and the IHG Control Book system.
  4. The benefits and usage of the IconSystem software to date.

Create one version of the truth for every building, project and asset using IconSystem.

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