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ShireSystem 4.0 Maintenance

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Stop firefighting: move your business or organisation to Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)
Maintenance planning can benefit companies and organisations because it is a strategy that increases the longevity of their company assets. Being able to avoid costly, unexpected, repairs and budget for replacing equipment and parts before problems occur means costs can be far better controlled, and operations run more efficiently.

What will I gain from watching the recording?

  • We will explain location and site management.
  • You will see how ShireSystem software puts you in control of your assets.
  • We will show you how straightforward it is to schedule maintenance tasks.
  • You will see how quickly new jobs and work orders can be created and completed.
  • You will see the work order closure information in the system.
  • We will show you how to review reports after completion

The Speaker:

Rachel Hankins, ShireSystem Sales Consultant – Elecosoft
Rachel is an enthusiastic member of Elecosoft’s ShireSystem sales team in Southampton with a wealth of knowledge behind her.

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