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ShireSystem Stock and Inventory

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In this session we will take a look at the management of stock & inventory within ShireSystem, enabling the user to organise, monitor and control movement at each stage of the receipt / storage / issue and return cycle whilst maintaining quality compliance.

What will I gain from watching the recording?

We will demonstrate how the module makes it easy to manage:

  • Detailed parts catalogue.
  • Receive deliveries.
  • Issue to work orders, assets, contacts, locations and cost centres.
  • Issue to person for later Use.
  • Return parts.
  • Single and group transfer.
  • Adjustments, write-off’s.
  • Stocktake.
  • Suppliers directory.
  • Parts for jobs & reorder.
  • Stock movement & valuation reports.

Simplify your schedule and be more productive by doing less. ShireSystem is a leading CMMS/CAFM software solution for maintaining and controlling assets making it easy to schedule work, control costs and meet regulatory compliance.