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Visualise the status of your teams and their work


Resource planner is a powerful way to get a calendar view of your current and planned work. This webinar will showcase its features and show how it integrates seamlessly with ShireSystem CMMS/CAFM software. We will demonstrate how you can:

  • Create shift plans.
  • Record staff availability.
  • Quickly reschedule work orders using drag and drop.

During the session, we will also show you ShireSystem Wallboard. A powerful way to visually share relevant, actionable data for your contractors, facilities, and maintenance teams. With an up-to-date view of outstanding activities, it can help you comprehend and analyse leading performance indicators. Wallboard is highly configurable: the display consists of individual tabs to allow you to focus on specific locations, work types, businesses, contractors etc. The tabs can be set to rotate as required.

This recent add on is designed to give maintenance and facilities managers a full ‘situation awareness’ view of the maintenance backlog as well as current and outstanding current work for multiple maintenance teams, contractors and other members of staff along with their availability.