Powerproject construction project planning software used by over 100,000 construction professionals around the world

Powerproject is one of the world’s leading project management software solutions for planning construction projects. It has been developed with ongoing input from users in the industry so it works the way planners do, which is why it is the tool of choice for construction professionals around the world in large and small organisations. Users like it because it combines easy-to-use functionality with powerful, feature-rich capability. The software has helped deliver a wide range of projects from small housebuilding developments to highly complex buildings, major bridges and large stadia.

Trusted by companies all around the world

Easy-to-use but extremely powerful and scalable

Construction-specific project templates are provided with pre-set reporting codes, calendars, resources, standard reports etc. so you can get up and running quickly.

Superior presentation of project plans and simpler printing

Superior presentation of project plans and simpler printing. Customise the borders around your plan with flexible header and footer page surrounds, including your own logos and references.

More precise scheduling for greater accuracy

Create and edit links both by typing in the spreadsheet and by drawing in the bar chart. Create links by drawing without having to specify the link type. This makes it much faster to link tasks.

Share plans with anyone with a free Project Viewer

You don’t have to pay anything to look at Powerproject files. The free Project Viewer enables anyone to open and print Powerproject plans at no cost. Use Project Viewer to read Microsoft Project files and Oracle Primavera files for free too!

Better protection against litigation caused by delay

Progress in each Progress Period is displayed in a separate colour. You decide the lengths of the Progress Periods: weeks, months etc. Information on how much progress was recorded in a specific Progress Period is kept, even when the task is completed.

Options to integrate BIM models for 4D planning

Create a 4D planning environment by reviewing the 3D model across time, all within a professional project management system in one application, from one company. The combined IFC file and schedule interact smoothly and effectively, removing the risk of human error and speeding up the process.

Customer testimonials

“Anybody can write a simple programme, but Powerproject links all the elements of the project and creates a strategy. This is invaluable when you need to demonstrate to the stakeholders of the construction project what an impact, positive or negative, any small change to the schedule or specification could have.”

Andrew McTavish, Kier

“It’s now quick and easy for our construction directors not just to generate a programme and customise it, but one that can be organic and evolve week by week as it is progressed. We can always see how far we are ahead, or behind, using a jagged progress line which is easy to understand.”

Nick Farrington, Bloor Homes

“Powerproject Vision now helps us see how close we are to that across all projects, based on contractual milestones and internal progress indicators, keeping a clear view of planned and actual completion percentages.”

Derek O’Neil, Carey Group

“Powerproject is one of the most flexible programme management software solutions.”

Ben Tominey, Bouygues UK

“Our project teams are using Powerproject because it’s user-friendly and performs like other Windows systems – it is more straight-forward to use than some other project management applications.”

Brendan Moley, Mac Group

“Digital construction is changing how we deliver and manage projects, and that’s a good thing. Tools like the Site Progress Mobile app help us to take people out from behind desks, marking up progress on drawings or schedules, to managing the work on site – which is exactly where we want them.”

Damien Gallagher, John Sisk & Son

“Linking programme tasks to model data is very simple with Powerproject BIM.”

Tim Huxtable, Laing O'Rourke

Choose the best option for you or your business

Individual Enterprise Education Trial
Single user subscription

Simplest licence for one user, installed onto a single Windows PC.

£695 per annum

excludes VAT
Concurrent licence

A cost-effective way of letting users share licences to reduce overall costs.

SaaS licence

Single user licences available as a SaaS/cloud-hosted option giving access from multiple platforms.


Shared real-time access to projects, sharing of project resources, integration with other business-critical systems and visibility of all projects.

Single education licence

To receive an education licence, an authorised officer of the educational establishment can complete this form to start the process.

Free trial

Request a free 14 day trial of Powerproject with full functionality, including Powerproject BIM.


Book a one-to-one demo with one of our experts so you can see the software in action and ask questions to see if it is the right choice for your needs.

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