Costing with Bidcon BIM helps Clarkson Alliance build foundation of a BIM future. David Chapell is Head of Cost Management at Clarkson Alliance. When he joined the team he was delighted to discover that Managing Director, Graham Clarkson, was committed to putting BIM at the heart of the business. When David came on board to grow cost management as a dedicated discipline alongside the company’s existing project management business, he already knew that BIM could provide opportunity, but that there were some practical challenges. He undertook a thorough immersive learning process, attended seminars and researched the tools and options available. It became apparent that, to grow this new business, he would certainly require a robust quantities management platform, strong templates and clear processes that would help add value to the company’s client services.

Playing by new rules
David believed that Clarkson Alliance could change the rules of the game. Costing with Bidcon BIM helps Clarkson Alliance build foundation of a BIM future helping to drive and determine the information that designers should provide to enable better cost planning and value management for BIM projects. The first step was to find the appropriate cost management IT platform that could support that, as he explained:

“I had become very interested in how we could improve the efficiency of cost planning and become more collaborative with a design team, using BIM. To do that, it was clear to me that we needed to operate in accordance with the New Rules of Measurement (NRM) – but I had found that very few cost management tools were inherently integrating this.”