Introduction to Asta Vision

Asta Vision is a web-based application that stores your Asta Powerproject projects in a single location in the Cloud.

Each project in Asta Vision is associated with one or more programmes. You can configure the programme types to suit the way you work. For example, if you work with two different types of programme – ‘Contract’ and ‘Delivery’, both progressed in parallel but with the ‘Contract’ programme containing a lesser level of detail than the ‘Delivery’ programme – you can configure Asta Vision to work with both of these programme types.

Programmes in Asta Vision follow a preset workflow, which you define yourself by setting up workflow rules.

You can set up as many users as you need in Asta Vision. Each user is assigned to one or more user roles, which determine the actions that users can carry out. For example, if you have three different types of user – administrators, managers and planners – you should create one user role for each. Once you have created the user roles that you need, you can define security and email rules to determine the actions that users of each role can carry out and the events about which users of each role should be notified.

Users can check out programmes from Asta Vision when they want to work with them in Asta Powerproject. Once a programme is checked out, no other users can edit it until the programme has been checked in again – although users can download copies of checked out programmes to view.

As well as being able to check programmes in and out of Asta Vision using the web-based application, users can check programmes in and out of the Asta Powerproject application directly. Refer to the Asta Powerproject Help for details of how to do this.