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Creating ownership and consistency with a dynamic information system

Communicating specifications and standards to the build and fit-out supply chain

Managing all of your specifications and design standards in a central dynamic information system, allows for credible, up-to-date information to be cascaded and communicated to not just your internal colleagues, but the wider build and fit-out supply chain for your business.
In our previous article “From file-sharing to dynamic data-sharing” we started to identify just some of the system advantages. Here we want to look at how technology can support your business, as the built environment continues its transformational journey, for better outcomes.

  1. Managing pre-design specifications with a digital mind-set.
    When compiling data within a dynamic information system, your business ensures data is easily managed, accessible and auditable. The ability to track and audit what specification was stipulated during a project is invaluable in the event of any issues and to ensure consistent information delivery to teams. Exchange data and geometry information.
  2. As an owner, know how best to cascade specification information.
    Using a common data structure will help ensure data is collected and stored in a standard manner giving businesses greater control of their data. Information sharing with consistency and in a regular cadence builds better business relationships supporting stakeholders, and team professionals across your build and fit-out supply chain.
  3. Managing change and communication.
    Create, share, and maintain information with sufficient depth to provide transparency – engage the user base with notifications when your pre-design specifications have changed using a change management feature. Connecting information – to technology – and your teams.
  4. Well maintained information
    Credible data must be secure, easy to access, well maintained and permissioned. Remove the reliance of using specifications from the last project. Collaborate and involve stakeholders from design, technical and procurement into your data management processes. APIs allow for connected data across the technical landscape.

A keystone of success is our people. Technology must be practical and deliverable to realise the opportunity to increase efficiencies and reduce risk through our teams. Good information management, enhanced through technology, and with strong collaboration, can support benefits such as:

  • Reduction in time spent finding, checking, and re-issuing information
  • Reduction in time answering specification queries• Improved collaboration = improved outcomes
  • Greater reliability of data and reduced risk
  • Baseline for non-conformity reporting
  • Supports efficiencies in the creation and management of information

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