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Elecosoft brings back Asta brand to represent its scheduling suite

LONDON: Elecosoft, the specialist international software provider to the architectural, construction and engineering industries, is reintroducing the Asta brand name across its suite of project scheduling solutions.

Asta Powerproject was first developed and released in 1986 by the company Asta Development prior to the company’s acquisition by Eleco in 2006, and the software has been colloquially referred to as Asta – both in the UK and globally – across the industry since that time. Now on version 16, it has been voted the best planning and project management software at the UK Construction Computing Awards for nine consecutive years, as well as being used by all UK Construction Manager of the Year winners in 2022.

In recognition of the enduring name, Elecosoft is therefore bringing back the Asta brand, and this time not only for one product but an entire suite of its products and technologies:

  • Asta Powerproject (formerly Asta Powerproject): Elecosoft’s market-leading planning and project management software.
  • Asta Vision (formerly Asta Vision): a SaaS common cloud-based environment that enables organisations to view live data across all of their projects.
  • Asta Enterprise (formerly Asta Enterprise): a collaborative programme management solution that allows multiple users to access projects simultaneously.
  • Asta SiteProgress (formerly Asta SiteProgress): a mobile application that supports site teams in managing tasks and reporting progress on the move.
  • Asta Connect: a SaaS short-term look ahead and collaboration system that uses Last Planning methodology to manage tasks and simplify complex projects.

Jonathan Hunter, CEO, commented: “The Asta name is used and respected by our customers worldwide, and it is in recognition of this that we are bringing the name back to represent our scheduling suite. Our customers’ views are important to us; we value the relationships that we have established with them, and will continue to collaborate with them to solve the challenges of the built environment.”

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