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ShireSystem prioritises health and safety with new Permit to Work feature

Workplace safety is a major issue for companies in every sector. Over 2.3 million people suffer injuries or illnesses as a result of their job each year, placing a huge strain on the global economy. Even more concerningly, accident rates continue to rise.

To make working environments safer for all employees, companies need to invest in better approaches for analysing health and safety and mitigating risk. And Elecosoft is helping them to achieve this through the launch of our new ShireSystem Permit to Work feature.

In this blog post, we will discuss:

Why does the Permit to Work process need updating?

Many companies already have documentation in place to support health and safety compliance. These include risk assessments, safety protocols and authorisation requirements. They may have even joined them together in a Permit to Work (PTW) process.

However, most Permit to Work programmes are currently email or paper-based, involving time-consuming manual processes that are vulnerable to human error. By introducing ShireSystem Permit to Work, Elecosoft is updating this process for the demands of modern business.

What is ShireSystem Permit to Work?

Elecosoft has created a digital Permit to Work feature within our market-leading ShireSystem facility and maintenance management software. It automates core health and safety processes, to enhance speed and accuracy while reducing the liability and decision-making burden being placed on the workforce.

Through ShireSystem Permit to Work, companies can:

  • Identify scope of work and associated risks
  • Assess the impact and risk associated with environments prior to starting work
  • Determine the risks associated with various types of work
  • Determine risks of the areas where assets are located
  • Designate a person to authorise work orders and associated permits
  • Designate work supervisors/authorising parties
  • Designate people to conduct the work safely
  • Ensure proper training and instruction is completed
  • Communicate with on-site and off-site workers
  • Control the duration of work that is being permitted

These new capabilities complement ShireSystem’s existing facilities management functionality, such as scheduling planned and reactive maintenance tasks, creating pre-determined steps for undertaking regular work, and capturing electronic signatures and photographic evidence to prove work has been completed. Companies can also use ShireSystem’s business intelligence tools to produce KPIs and analytics for all tasks.

Learn more about ShireSystem’s wider CMMS functionality.

Our new Permit to Work feature also enables companies to assess risk and ensure safety protocol is being followed in areas of increased danger. For example, authorisers can include the need for specialist ladders and/or equipment when working at height; outline additional safety requirements when people are working in confined spaces; and establish protocol for people undertaking ‘hot works’ such as welding, flame cutting and grinding.

Plus, Permit to Work can be accessed via ShireSystem’s mobile application, so information can be easily captured, communicated and shared with field teams. Making it suitable for large workforces, with a mix of employees and contractors operating across multiple sites.

How does ShireSystem Permit to Work make health and safety simpler?

There are a number of advantages to running health and safety programmes online:

  • Mitigating health and safety risks – companies can carry out assessments before, during and after work is carried out to identify and mitigate risks at all stages.
  • Complying with increasing industry regulations – ShireSystem Permit to Work checks certifications, ensures industry standard processes are followed, and provides time-stamped evidence that industry legislation has been met. This information is stored digitally for a complete audit trail and to underpin insurance commitments.
  • Optimising workforce effectiveness – Permit to Work simplifies and automates key health and safety protocols to reduce the time people spend on paperwork and compliance.
  • Enhancing visibility – all documentation and data can be centrally stored and managed, with companies granting access to relevant personnel to make sure they have a complete understanding of health and safety requirements.
  • Reducing paperwork – ShireSystem enables companies to automate processes and adopt a paperless Permit to Work programme. It also supports sustainable decision-making, such as optimising resources and task allocation to reduce unnecessary travel.

Watch our free on-demand webinar for more information on digitising Permit to Work.

What are the benefits of integrating Permit to Work into our existing ShireSystem software?

ShireSystem is already being used by thousands of companies – from Chester Zoo to Wren Kitchens – to manage reactive and preventative maintenance programmes. Health and safety play a major role in successful asset management, so it makes sense to combine it with other maintenance activities.

More importantly, by integrating Permit to Work into ShireSystem, we have lowered the total cost of technology ownership for many companies. For example, Risk Assessments and Method Statements (RAMS) are included in the assessment process, rather than companies needing to purchase separate software in order to manage and audit worker safety.

In addition to lower capital expenditure, consolidating multiple features into one piece of software removes the need for complex IT integrations. This reduces ongoing running and maintenance costs, and enables companies to keep technology secure without a substantial IT headcount. It’s a cost-efficient way of streamlining technical requirements without compromising on technology investment.

Try Permit to Work: Book your free demo

Through our latest Permit to Work innovation, Elecosoft is using digital transformation and process automation to ensure health and safety takes top priority alongside core operational tasks. But rather than just telling you this, we’d like to show you.

Book your free ShireSystem demo to see how your business can run Permit to Work alongside your general maintenance tasks to work safely, sustainably and securely.

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