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The top four benefits of using IconSystem

IconSystem is a cloud-based collaborative software for recording, specifying, designing, and managing building data. Because it provides your teams with an intelligent Common Data Environment, it enables dynamic sharing of all building specifications and standards – and that makes an impact!

We looked at what our customers say about how IconSystem has improved things for their companies. Here are their top four benefits – in their own words.

Saves time and resources

“IconSystem has been a really worthwhile investment, and the profiles and specials interface that Elecosoft has created within the software will drive long-term cost savings. Now that we can see all our data clearly and easily make changes, the sky is the limit!”

“In the old way of working, it was taking us one week per month, every month, to maintain our databases, and even then, data wasn’t completely accurate,”

“Specifications for all our development projects were saved as PDF books, housed on internal drives, and they were only updated every 6-12 months. This meant information quickly became out of date. In some cases, orders were being placed with de-listed suppliers, or construction teams were trying to get in touch with contacts who had left that supplier.”

Single source of the truth

“IconSystem is the ideal software for us as it can manage the lifecycle of every building, project and asset in real-time, through one system. By presenting a single version of the truth, project managers can make effective decisions and share instructions digitally with all participants, based on current, accurate, connected information.”

“The spreadsheet our Visual Merchandising team was producing only told half the story. There was no information on equipment suppliers, colours, or how many units were in stock. We needed to extract equipment-specific information from Visual Merchandising and present it in a way that our Fixture Management team could quickly, accurately order new fixtures and fittings.”

“Across the business, our teams quickly saw the advantages of joining our Visual Merchandising and Fixture Management systems together. Data is now infinitely more accurate, we can easily access granular detail that isn’t captured anywhere else, and we can be much smarter with the information we already have.”

Increases data ownership and accuracy

“Everyone has a lot more ownership of data accuracy.” “Whenever someone changes information, their details are attached to the update. There’s something very powerful about people having their name above the door.”

“As an administrator, I have a helicopter view of the data and changes being made. I can see when a certain piece of kit isn’t needed anymore and so we don’t need to reorder it when stock runs out. With IconSystem, nobody should ever need to over-order.”

“IconSystem gave us a new level of consistency, as information only needed to be changed once and it was automatically updated across the entire software.”

Provides excellent consultancy and support

“The IconSystem team is always coming to us with ideas and proposals, looking at ways we can continue to improve the way we operate.”

“Elecosoft totally grasped what we were trying to achieve and spent time with key users discussing how we could create something that worked for everyone’s needs.”

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