Export 3D

Let your customer see the staircase they envision by exporting and sending them a 3D file using the Export 3D module and Staircon. Save time in your design process and customer decision making showing realistic 3D representations of the final staircase. Bringing designs to life in a 3D view is invaluable for Staircon users. Export formats:

  • COLLADA (open standard format) is rich in detail. The end-customer can view the COLLADA 3D in applications that supports *.dae. There are several free options, also on the mobile platforms iOS and Android. The format is also importable in several rendering software and some 3D CAD packages, for example SketchUp and AutoCAD via a converter.
  • IFC2x3 is an open file format that is used to carry information between different CAD software. It’s the international standard for exchanging BIM data.