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Fiskarhedenvillan, designing and building homes, not houses in Sweden


Fiskarhedenvillan is one of Sweden’s largest house manufacturers and delivers about 650 homes annually. Fiskarhedenvillan’s relationship with Elecosoft began in 2003 when they started using Statcon for its design calculations, today it is used in every construction calculation that they make.

“Some of the advantages of using Statcon are its simplicity and graphic design. It is easy to get a good overview of the result and an estimation can be done quickly. Also Statcon gives the company an advantage though the access to several standards, not just Swedish.” says Mark Widell at Fiskarhedenvillan.

Fiskarhedenvillan always strives towards delivering homes rather than houses. Developing their own concept to deliver complete timber houses instead of wall elements, their projects require a lot of knowledge in the construction field. The materials for framework, walls and the roofs are pre-cut after the blueprint is agreed by their customer, they need a software that is flexible and easy to accommodate change requests from their clients.

“Your house is not just a house. It is a home, a security, a place of life. We as a home manufacturer know that you and your neighbour are different. We know you want to join us in creating your own home. At Fiskarhedenvillan you get to decide for yourself what your future house should look like and how you want to build it. That is our definition of freedom and Statcon helps us to build our clients dreams.”

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