Introduction to Serveradmin

The Asta Enterprise system enables many users of Asta Powerproject to work simultaneously on the same projects. The projects are stored in one central location, and the Enterprise server controls access to the data sources in which the projects are stored. The system comprises the following elements:

  • The Enterprise server. This is a program, installed on a machine that the client machines can access, that controls access to projects stored on central data sources. The Enterprise server must be running all the time while users are working on projects that are stored in central data sources. It is possible to set up and run more than one Enterprise server on a machine, with each server controlling access to one or more data sources.
  • A Server Administration utility, Serveradmin. You use this program to administer the Enterprise server, for example to add users to the system or maintain the data sources in which your projects are stored. You only need to run Serveradmin occasionally.
  • The Asta Powerproject client applications. Many users running the client application on different PCs on a network can log into the Enterprise server(s) to work on projects that are stored in central data sources.


The following diagram illustrates the basic structure of the Asta Powerproject Enterprise system, displaying the required hardware and the software that is installed on each item of hardware:


The Asta Enterprise system


  • The dotted line indicates an optional link – data sources can be located on the same machine as the Enterprise server(s), but they can also be located on a separate machine. A separate machine is recommended.
  • You can have more than one data source; if you have multiple data sources, they do not have to be located on the same machine.