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5 misconceptions about moving to cloud-based project management software

Why is construction lagging behind so many other industries when it comes to digital transformation?

In a recent article, Building journalist Thomas Lane noted that the sector

“has been rather slow to embrace the full benefits of digital technology, which is hampering efforts to overcome its low productivity, high costs and project over-run problems.”

One major issue is construction companies’ caution around the cloud. There are misconceptions about how expensive and complex moving to cloud-based project management software will be. When often, any challenges are far outweighed by the benefits of cloud software.

If you’ve got colleagues who are concerned about the cost and disruption of cloud migration, Elecosoft is here to bust some myths. Here are five misconceptions about moving to cloud-based project management software that you can quickly dispel:

Misconception 1: cloud migration is expensive

With any new technology, cost is a deciding factor – and staying with your existing project management software will always be the cheapest short-term option. But compare the longer-term cost of on-premises versus cloud technology and cloud solutions can often provide greater value for money.

With cloud-based project management software, there’s reduced capital expenditure and IT overheads. You may have to pay for initial set-up and data transfer, but moving to the cloud means you’ll no longer have to cash flow on-site upgrades and maintenance, as everything can be managed remotely.

It’s also often cheaper and easier to scale cloud software as you add new users and new sites. And your project management platform will remain fit for purpose a lot longer than if it’s server-based, increasing its lifetime value.

Many cloud software providers can package your ongoing maintenance and customer support costs into a monthly subscription fee, so you have a clear idea of the ongoing financial commitment needed to run your cloud project management platform.

Misconception 2: it’s complex to integrate cloud software

Cost-aside, the other big barrier to onboarding cloud software is the disruption it could cause to your company. You may have bad memories of installing your last project management software!

It’s a lot less painful to migrate to the cloud than implement on-premises technology. To start, there’s no physical installation as your colleagues can access the software via the web.

A cloud-based project management platform like Asta Vision can easily integrate with existing systems to give you greater remote access capabilities. For example, many Asta Powerproject customers integrate with Asta Vision to enable multi-site project management.

While some IT work may be required to ensure system compatibility and synchronise data, your software providers should factor this into their implementation plan. If necessary, they can customise your platform to bridge old and new technologies.

Lean on the expertise of your chosen technology partner – if they’ve got a good industry track record, they’ll have extensive experience integrating technologies via the cloud.

Misconception 3: internet connectivity restricts software access

There’s no getting around the fact that you need an internet connection to use cloud-based project management software. Some companies worry that this makes the technology unsuitable for them, as they have concerns about the stability of network connections, internet speed and unplanned downtime.

While cloud-based software requires continuous internet access, there are ways to make it more accessible to your users. For example, Asta Powerproject customers can download the Asta SiteProgress mobile app which works with your smartphone’s 4G connection.

A mobile app can improve project performance, as site staff can access instructions and log updates as they go – rather than waiting until weekly meetings to provide feedback.

Misconception 4: storing data in the cloud is less secure

Storing data remotely can seem risky, but this isn’t the case. As we discuss in our blog post on the benefits of integrating cloud technology with Asta Powerproject, you’re well protected if you choose a project management platform with encrypted data transmission and secure data storage, like Asta Vision.

The cloud can actually protect your company from technical failures and data breaches. If you’re using an on-premises solution, a problem with the server can lead to potential data losses and project delays. But cloud-based solutions like Asta Vision regularly back-up information and store it securely in multiple locations.

You can also use secure logins to control which project stakeholders can access your software and restrict what they’re able to do within the system. Setting permission levels will help you to control how data is handled and ensure access to information is compliant with regulations such as GDPR.

Misconception 5: accessing data via the cloud can cause a performance lag

Some companies worry that moving their project management software into the cloud could compromise performance, especially if they manage large volumes of data. However, data latency is not usually a problem for cloud-based applications – even those requiring high-speed computing or real-time processing.

In fact, it’s often server-based software that struggles to maintain speed as data volumes increase, leading to performance bottlenecks. Cloud services can scale resources dynamically based on the programme’s need, ensuring project management software remains efficient and responsive. If computational demand increases, the cloud platform simply allocates more resources.

Expert support for your cloud journey

It’s natural to feel cautious when you’re investing in new technology; you want to know it’s the right fit for your company. So, rather than making the transition to cloud software alone, let your chosen technology vendor assist your journey.

Elecosoft supports companies in the built environment and beyond with the transition to cloud project management software. Asta Vision, our web-based portal for managing Asta Powerproject plans, will enable you to easily manage reporting, compliance and risk on your future construction programmes via the cloud.

Book your Asta Vision demo to find out more about the benefits of cloud-based project management.

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