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The benefits of integrating cloud technology with Asta Powerproject

For the next five minutes, your name is David Newsom.

You’re a Senior Planner at a major contracting firm using Asta Powerproject to plan and manage your construction projects. But you’re concerned your teams aren’t using the software to its full potential.

You’ve heard about Asta Vision and the advantages of using integrated cloud-based project management software to improve communication, compliance and reporting.

You’re considering an upgrade, but you’re concerned about getting buy-in from senior colleagues.

How can you help your organisation see the benefits of integrating cloud technology with Asta Powerproject?

Let’s put together a compelling business case.

Cloud is the future of construction project management

Before you discuss Asta Vision’s specifics, you’ll need your colleagues to realise that cloud-based technology is the future of the built environment.

89% of energy and construction companies are already using the cloud in some capacity, with 28% stating they’re “all in” on cloud adoption and use it throughout their business.

Cloud-based integration has become critical to connect the data, processes and applications that construction leaders need to execute programmes quickly, to a high standard.

Moving away from server-based software is enabling building and development firms to view live project data from any location, extract valuable insights and work collaboratively to make smarter decisions.

But David knows this already.

Your challenge is to communicate these advantages to your colleagues, so you can integrate Asta Vision with Asta Powerproject.

The key benefits of cloud integration: enhanced efficiency

30% of construction project failures can be attributed to planning problems. To deliver programmes on time, on budget, to customer expectations, your team needs to know exactly what’s happening in real time.

Cloud-based project management software makes planning and execution much simpler to manage, as it’s more accessible than a server-based solution.

With Asta Vision, all your project stakeholders can access plans and reports anytime, anywhere, on any browser. No more unplanned downtime while teams wait for further instructions!

Plus, centralised information storage means everyone involved has access to the latest documents. You feel confident people are using the correct project plan, and you can update schedules and workflows as priorities change—for example, if there’s a delay to a materials delivery.

Easier collaboration

It’s not just accessibility that gets easier with cloud integration. Collaboration between project team members is much simpler too.

If all project plans are stored centrally, feedback becomes much easier to gather. Stakeholders can track their progress and comment on tasks in real time, so you can respond quickly to queries and setbacks. You don’t have to physically go down to a site to keep in touch with what’s happening at the front line.

Smartphones have become a key tool for helping tech-savvy construction companies work closer together. Site staff can access instructions and task lists from their mobile, snapping photos and uploading comments as they work.

Instant collaboration is particularly useful if your company manages multiple projects simultaneously. If your colleagues need a real-world example, point them to the Carey Group.

The Carey Group’s portfolio consists of up to 150 live projects of different scales and values at any one time. Derek O’Neil, Head of Planning, uses Asta Vision to manage project data with greater accuracy and consistency.

“It helps planners to focus on the day job and not be distracted by lengthy reporting processes,” Derek says.

Tighter security

Some of your senior colleagues may see the benefits of cloud construction programmes but worry about data security. Does remote access leave your business vulnerable to cyber-attacks?

The advantage of using a market-leading project management solution like Asta Vision is the advanced security measures baked into our software.

For example, our cloud platform includes encrypted data transmission and secure data storage. Every file is backed up and can be reviewed securely from any location.

It’s useful to remind co-workers that on-premises software isn’t always more secure. If you’re using a third-party server, you rely on someone else to uphold the tightest levels of security on your behalf.

Third parties are often more attractive to cybercriminals as they can access data for multiple companies and mobilise the server for a larger attack. For example, a 2023 ransomware attack on an enterprise transfer solution compromised the data of more than 2,000 companies.

Improved compliance

The best project management software can offer your company more than strategic benefits. Migrating to the cloud makes it easier to standardise workflows and reporting, to ensure teams meet legal requirements throughout project execution.

Storing data securely in the cloud also gives you a robust record of plans and decisions long after the project ends.

Accountability is a major challenge for the built environment. In a recent article by the Get It Right Initiative, Arup’s Director of Resilience, David Cormie, noted:

“There is a real concern, as an industry, that if we have to go back to a project in ten years’ time, we may not be able to find the relevant information.”

We’ve already seen the difficulties of managing construction law changes with the introduction of the Building Safety Act. Similarly, when over 40 UK schools were forced to close due to problems with reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (Raac), many building firms were unable to definitively state whether schools they built had used Raac in their construction.

Long-term accountability is essential to ensure compliance, uphold your company’s reputation and carry lessons forward into future projects.

Reap the benefits of cloud technology: integrate Asta Vision with Asta Powerproject

Your name is probably not David, but you may hold a similar role in a similar type of company. And you can now share some compelling benefits of integrating Asta Vision with your existing Asta Powerproject software.

By running construction programmes in the cloud, project management becomes much more streamlined. Plans are easier to execute, and you can gain real-time insights and make informed decisions that improve project outcomes.

Globally, 90% of companies see cloud technology as essential for growth, and the construction industry can’t afford to fall behind.

So, present these key benefits to your decision-makers, convince them to migrate to the cloud, and then book your Asta Vision demo to show them what’s possible with an integrated approach to project planning and management.

Try Asta Vision for free to streamline your project management.

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