Planned preventative maintenance

The scheduling feature of the software enables users to create strategic maintenance strategies for locations or assets, including planning and scheduling of activities, checks, safety notes, spares, resources that get carried out at regular intervals (planned maintenance). The software’s scheduling feature also allows for condition-based maintenance and predictive maintenance strategies to be applied as well as viewing and scheduling corrective maintenance.

Explore ShireSystem add-ons

Asset register

The asset register helps manage your equipment availability efficiently so you can stay on top of your assets. The asset register allows you to record pertinent information allowing you to make informed decision to either repair, replace or refurbish. Examples of information registered could be, but are not limited to: lifecycle history, purchase value, model and serial number, repair costs, location and asset owner.

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Reactive maintenance

Add instructions and step by step processes to reactive work orders and use pick list templates for generating maintenance work orders. Maintenance programmes can be based on meter readings, usage or periodic schedules.

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What’s new in Version 3.2.6

User interface refresh

Version 3.2.6 has a refreshed user interface for improved navigation, a new ‘Work Requester’ function for use on mobile devices, improved reporting with additional functionality and enhanced system security.

New responsive work requester

The newly added responsive Work Requester feature automatically resizes to fit any screen size. Note this does not replace the existing Work Requester and is available as part of the current Work Requester Licence.

Reporting additions

A new detailed asset report enables maintenance history of assets to be reviewed with detailed Work Order statistics, with fault analysis tables and work order status graphs. Documents can now also be attached to the Asset and Parts used log.

Core features

Work order, scheduling and progress monitoring

Plan and request work for locations and assets to gain control of your facilities and contractors. The Calendar view allows you to keep track of when work is being undertaken, the availability of staff, shift management and schedules. The work scheduler supports reduced downtime and minimal resource wastage which in turn frees up time and reduces costs.

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Compliance auditing

ShireSystem generates reports which can be used for reporting on Health and Safety and Quality Compliance. The Health and Safety reports can include risk assessments, safety audits, COSHH, inspection, testing and calibration. Quality reports can meet standards such as ISO 9001, BRC, ISO 14001 reporting on COSHH, condition measurements, cleaning, and training. The reports offer a full history and audit trail along with document control.

Submit, manage, and track work requests

The work requests feature offers a simple and unlimited method for users to submit and track work requests against an asset, contact, client, or location. Once submitted and approved by the maintenance/facilities team, the work request turns into a work order with all the relevant information, including documentation and spares.

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Document management

Within ShireSystem, teams can manage documents and images. Access to specific files can be controlled and a full version history is generated along with document expiry settings. Documents can be attached to assets, locations, contacts, or tasks and parts, if running the stock control module.

Servicing and inspection records

Record your servicing and inspection data in one place to stay in control of upcoming checks, maintenance planning, instructions, and readings.

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Bespoke reports

To complement the ShireSystem reporting module, clients can request bespoke reports where the standard version does not cover client/industry-specific requirements. Typically, these range from custom work order and purchase order formats, special asset and parts listings, statistical labour utilisation and performance reports providing visibility to management teams to support clear decision making.

Add-on modules

The modular architecture of ShireSystem enables you to add functionality to the software as your business grows or needs change:

Resource Planner

The resource planner add-on provides a calendar view of staff workloads including planned work orders, PM schedules, shifts, unavailability and staff suitability. The drop and drag feature enables work orders to be quickly assigned, reassigned and scheduled.

Wallboard view

Visually share relevant, actionable data for your contractors, facilities, and maintenance teams. The Wallboard add-on provides an up-to-date view of outstanding activities, to help you comprehend and analyse leading KPI/performance indicators. Accessed via a regular browser or internet enabled TV, keep key stakeholders fully updated on required activities wherever they are.

Management KPIs and reporting

This add-on contains predefined templates that quickly generate reports on date, ratios, totals and bad actor KPI scorecards enabling data driven decisions. Empower your workforce in real-time on-premise, online and mobile data.

Engineer’s diary

The engineer’s dairy is a visual calendar view of the logged in users’ workload. The planner tool enables work orders already assigned to the user or their team to be rescheduled quickly using drag and drop. The shift patterns already assigned are shown and cannot be edited.

Branding toolkit

Personalise the software to your brand guidelines/house style from customisation of the colour scheme, to inserting company logos, and images.

Costs and charges

Effortlessly create, track, invoice and analyse your costs or charges with a predefined mark-up or uplift using this add-on.

Custom labels and controls

Configure the application to reflect your company terminology or language with the advanced custom labels and controls add-on.

Location security

Control which locations users can access, view, or edit using the location security add-on.

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Customer testimonials

“Great online support and training. Clear and precise information on how to use the system and how to access training materials. Perfect system.”

Glen Curtis, Kepak Ltd.

“ShireSystem will flag up every morning anything that is about to wear out and needs changing, and I have a list of tasks for the day.”

David Cubitt, Sundown Products

“Excellent product which I used at an old company which I am introducing at my new company. ShireSystem enables us to log all of our assets, create a maintenance system and log lots of information all in the same place.”

Karl Grainger, Coster Aerosols Ltd.

“I’ve always found ShireSystem to be a very good product, with lots of features, and it is also sensibly priced compared to others on the market.”

Steve Winch, Challenge Fencing Ltd.

“Great system. Easy to use with simple UI.”

Ciaran Browne, Manor Farm

“Engineers can now go in and change parts during scheduled maintenance or downtime, before a part fails in the middle of a production run. This is the biggest cost and time saving so far, and it increases our production line availability.”

Conor Evans, Kingspan

“Excellent help desk service.”

John Ballard, Penspen

“Great system, loads of reporting options. Easy to use.”

Pavla Kandus, Places for People Leisure Management

“Has enabled me to successfully reduce our OEE through targeted PPM’s.”

George Maluga, Lantmannen

“Impressive and easy to use with a fantastic back up.”

Chris Jones, South Caernarfon Creameries

“Easy of use is important as it means it’s easy to train new users and employees. It’s a powerful system in a small package.”

Paul Jameson, Banner Chemicals

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Shared real-time access to projects, sharing of project resources for maintenance and facility professionals in any range of industries.

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