“Data is King” is a phrase that is increasingly used in business. Automation is increasing the data we generate and collect in both our personal and business lives – and that data is valuable. By employing comprehensive analytics tools, a business can use the results of detailed and visual reporting to improve many aspects of its operations:

  • Assess and assure Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Constantly check Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Manage the cost of assets and parts
  • Assess and optimise workforce efficiency
  • Analyse process efficiency for corrective actions

ShireSystem records and stores a vast amount of information that our customers are increasingly using tools such as PowerBI to analyse. The BI Connector takes key data from ShireSystem and transfers it to a storage location where you can get access 24/7. Data is transferred regularly using simple and secure mechanisms. The BI Connector allows your business to transform its digital footprint to maximise profits and efficiency.

Once you have the ShireSystem BI connector, you will be able to utilise our PowerBI consulting service. This will take the data from the ShireSystem database and connect it to PowerBI to produce personalised dashboards that have been built to your specifications. Our consultants will scope out your requirements to develop dashboards that will assist your business needs and get the most out of PowerBI. Thus, you will be able to share these dashboards with colleagues to improve reporting and show data in an easy and digestible way.

Your Data, Your Way

Each business is different in so many ways, hence the data you need and when you need it will likewise vary greatly from other customers. The BI Connector provides access to key data on a regular basis to ensure that when you need it – it is there. Our teams work with you to get everything set-up so your subscription to the BI Connector service simply delivers. We have multiple options for delivering your data – and those options continue to be enhanced.

Simple, Secure

Ensuring that data is transferred quickly, efficiently and securely is paramount. Data is extracted from your ShireSystem instance and it is delivered to a secure location and/or using a secure method that will allow you to access it anytime. The options and methods of transferring your data are constantly evolving in order to optimise performance and cost.


Many of our customers have multiple sites that they need to both analyse and compare. The BI Connector takes your data from all of your ShireSystem instances and combines it together into a single file before it is sent. The data for each site within that file is clearly identified so you can compare and contrast as required.

Multi-table Dataset

For most of our customers the data that they require to be exported and then analysed can be delivered using a very simple set of the vast amounts of data that has been collected in their account. However, other customers require an extended set of information. The BI Connector is regularly updated to ensure all customers’ needs are met.