Switch to Subscription FAQ

Switch to Subscription FAQ

Why is Elecosoft moving to subscription?

Migrating to a subscription model allows Elecosoft to continue investment in best of breed software whilst providing our customers with a growing portfolio of solutions to meet industry challenges, empower digital transformation and growth strategies now and in the future. Moving our customer base to a subscription model ensures Elecosoft can continue to deliver value, convenience, and flexibility to our customers.

What is Switch to Subscription?

Switch to Subscription gives Asta Powerproject customers with support & maintenance plans the ability to easily switch to subscription at the time of renewal. This Switch to Subscription will give exclusive access to the benefits of a Asta Powerproject subscription.

What options do we have when our current maintenance plan comes up for renewal?

There are 2 options you can choose from at your next support & maintenance renewal:

  • Switch existing support & maintenance plans to a Switch to Subscription alternative
  • Renew your support & maintenance plan for one year
Will I be able to continue renewing my support & maintenance plan?

Yes, you can choose to renew your support & maintenance plan for a further year to access our product support technicians via the helpdesk, receive maintenance updates, support for add-ons, service releases for current versions of the software, free reactivation codes for damaged, stolen, or lost licences, and access to online support.

What will be the price rise for Support & Maintenance Plans from 1st January 2023?

Support & maintenance plan renewal prices will increase by a minimum of 10% from 1st January 2023.

Will these changes affect all Asta Powerproject customers?

These changes will affect customers with perpetual Asta Powerproject products on support & maintenance plans.
This change will not affect existing Asta Powerproject subscription products.

What happens if I let my support & maintenance plan expire rather than renewing or switching to subscription?

Allowing your support & maintenance plan to expire will mean you will no longer receive the benefits granted to you via your plan. Additionally, after your plan has expired, you will no longer be eligible to receive Switch to Subscription incentives. You will also not be able to restart your plan in the future, after it has been left to lapse – support & maintenance will only be available by adopting a subscription.

Are the support & maintenance plan changes global?

Yes, the changes are global. Though regional variations may apply.

How will support & maintenance plan customers benefit from switching to subscription?

Elecosoft is continuing to invest heavily in our subscription offerings to provide our customers with worldclass solutions and services. By switching to subscription customers can expect to receive:

  • Exclusive access to new innovations, releases, features, products, and bundles
  • Flexible controls to manage users and costs more easily by scaling products and services to team
  • Gain product insights through customer account management tools to evaluate and analyse product usage, spending, productivity, and future needs.
What are my options if I want to switch products on support & maintenance to subscription?

All Asta Powerproject support & maintenance plans are eligible to Switch to Subscription at the time of renewal only. Switching to subscription will require you to terminate your perpetual licence for any products that you switch.

When will I be able to switch products on support & maintenance to subscription?

You can Switch to Subscription at the time of your next renewal date. You will need to inform Elecosoft that you intend to Switch to Subscription prior to your plan expiration date to benefit from the Switch to Subscription incentive.

Support & maintenance plans that have expired will not be eligible for Switch to Subscription incentives. Please refer to our reactivation policy for further details on expired perpetual licence support & maintenance plans.

Can I continue to use my installed perpetual licence software after switching my support & maintenance plan to a subscription?

Switching to subscription under the Switch to Subscription incentive is conditional upon you terminating your existing perpetual licence. This will require you to deactivate your perpetual licence and activate your software with a new subscription

We understand this could disrupt your work and therefore we will work with you to time the licence switch at a time that is convenient for you.

If I move to subscription does that mean that my applications and data will be stored in the cloud?

The location of where you store your data is up to you. Asta Powerproject desktop software applications on subscription, as well as associated user data, by default will continue to be stored on your local machine (however you can choose to store this elsewhere). Cloud service applications like Asta Vision will store data in the cloud.

What if I switch my support & maintenance plan to subscription and then let my subscription expire?

Allowing your subscription to expire will mean you no longer have access to the software. Your data is yours, and you will retain your data files. If you wish to start a new Asta Powerproject subscription at a later time, you will do so at the prevailing price applicable when you restart your subscription

How do I find out how much it will cost to switch products to subscription?

The cost to switch to subscription will vary depending on which incentive you choose and when you decide to make the switch. Please therefore contact the sales team to discuss your options.

Can I take advantage of the Switch to Subscription incentive more than once?

It is not possible to use a Switch to Subscription incentive on licences that have already been switched to a subscription.

However, you can choose to switch part of your licence estate to subscription and renew the remaining licences on a support & maintenance plan.

Are there any additional promotions connected with Switch to Subscription?

In conjunction with Switch to Subscription, customers who switch can also benefit from additional Switch to Subscription bundles. Please contact your account manager for further details.

What will renewals be for licences that remain on a support & maintenance plan?

See the chart below for guidance on support & maintenance plan renewal pricing*.

Dates Support & Maintenance plan renewals
1st July 2022 – 31st December 2022 5% price increase
2023 Minimum 10% increase
Will we require a new contract to switch to subscription?

Yes, switching licences to subscription will require you to sign a contract for your new subscription term length.

However, if you already have existing subscription products any new subscriptions will be added to your current subscription contract.

What Asta Powerproject versions will I be able to use when I switch from support & maintenance to a subscription?

You will have access to the latest version of Asta Powerproject, as well as any prior supported versions of Asta Powerproject as per the Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Once I Switch to Subscription, am I required to upgrade each time there’s a new release?

No, you can choose if and when you want to upgrade your software version. However, to benefit fully from the support services, you should use a version that is still under support as defined in the SLA.

What set-up is required to get started with my new subscription?

Elecosoft will work with you to manage the migration to subscription. Depending on your current installation, the change may be completed remotely without any changes to your installed software. In some instances, we will need to deauthorise your current perpetual licence and reissue you with a new subscription licence. In all situations, we will minimise any downtime or impact on your work.