System requirements

The Site Progress Mobile app can be freely downloaded onto any Android or iOS device. Search for “Site Progress Mobile” in your device’s app store.

Architecture Overview

Site Progress Mobile for Powerproject enables on-site reporting of progress against tasks and build stages in Powerproject projects, using a mobile device. Site Progress Mobile can be used either with Powerproject Enterprise, or with a non-Enterprise Powerproject client.

Site Progress Mobile administrators use the Site Progress Mobile tab on the Backstage view in Powerproject to export information from Powerproject projects to Site Progress Mobile, and to import information back into the Powerproject projects once progress has been recorded and submitted. If Site Progress Mobile is configured to require approval, administrators accept or reject the progress that has been recorded by Site Progress Mobile users. Any progress that is rejected is not imported into the Powerproject project. Administrators also use the Site Progress Mobile tab to configure the way in which Site Progress Mobile operates.

The freely-downloadable Site Progress Mobile app is used by on-site progress reporters to record the progress of tasks and build stages from a remote location using a mobile device. Although the mobile devices must have a valid internet connection (either via a cellular network or via Wi-Fi®) to receive and submit project information at the start and end of each working period, Site Progress Mobile does not require an internet connection to be available all the time, which enables it to be used in locations with little or no network coverage or Wi-Fi availability. There are two versions of the Site Progress Mobile app: one suitable for use with Android™ mobile devices and one suitable for use with iOS® mobile devices.

The following diagram illustrates the basic structure of the Site Progress Mobile system, displaying the required hardware and the software that is installed on each item of hardware:

The basic structure of the Site Progress Mobile system

Note the following points about the data that is exported to the Cloud:

  • Site Progress Mobile generates export files that are uploaded to our secure hosting environment in the Cloud.
  • The minimum amount of data necessary to enable progress reporting onsite is exported.
  • No data relating to costs or resources – or any other potentially sensitive data – is exported.
  • Your Powerproject schedule itself is not exported.
  • Our Cloud environment is hosted securely in a European data centre, on the Microsoft Windows Azure™ platform.
  • Access to the Cloud environment is controlled using securely-encrypted user names and passwords.